long stop light
emery-boarding the tips
of her claws

cherry petals
clog the CO2 scrubber
silent dawn

third date
high colonics... then
the breastplates come off

quantum storm
under the bell jar...

green flash
sunset viewed through a jar
of antifreeze

compressed wet dream
she downloads

lycanthropic blues...
give me the silver bullet
to stop mooning over you

the criminal genome

Martian spring fever
my mind drifts
at 0.38 G

the mother board counting
on off on off on...

in the iron placenta
rusty conjoined twins

breathe in
the chartreuse vapors
release your everything

summer romance
your contrail
drifts with mine

between saguaros [orion nebula ]
the orb’s soft glow pulsing
red blue red blue red

published in Moonset, 2008

captain's log
Ba'ku karaoke hub
fatal mic squeal

suction disks re-engineered
to point out

zombie clinic...
guzzling blood to control
phantom chicken pain

stale cloning brew
mummy heart replication

liquid toner binge

base jump port
string theory sprocket jam
bad boing

silly-string theory
twenty-six dimensions
in neon green

string theory snag
altered dimensions unwind
from the spool

string bean theory
harvesting space-time

ipod implosion [factal 2]
crunching the last
heavy metal


red dust bunnies
beneath her martian bed
anaerobic breeding

spicing the mummified soul
geist capsule launch

starboard view
galactic purse-seiners
fishing for moons

zapped brain bucket
cerebral spinal fluid
turns to milk and whey

air canisters
scarce market commodity
enter the blue zone

Hubble porn[cat's eye nebula]
the cataleptic nebula
starts to shimmy


arctic ozone plant
generator stuck ON
the whole world coughing

anathema clinic
the wolverines

personal ad:
rough endoplasmic reticulum
seeks A/T C/G mates

fertility clinic [hubble-supernova 1987A]
VeriChipping the zygotes
for implant

rubber arms
the masochist's smile
is upside down

worm hole sex toy
photocell failure
in deep inner space

within wormhole
her morph nodules slough
reschedule mating

infinite vending
the Möbius bagel
slides down the chute

two moons in the sky [four moons]
I rub my eyes
and now there
are four

lunar eclipse
a mauve voice calls
the shuddering orb